The Bite Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich


The Bite Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich is a series of animated shorts for the Disney Junior channel. The shorts were designed to teach kids about the importance of exercise and good nutrition.

The Chiodo Brothers gathered together a pack of talented people and the results were amazing. I was one of the Set and Puppet Interns.

Here’s some of the things I worked on during the course of pre-production and production.

Styrofoam trees on a hill.
Bushes carved from hard foam and painted.
Tiny flowers that were placed on one of the hill set pieces.
Final configuration for the Sam Sandwich set. Can you see Sam Sandwich’s Toaster Headquarters?


After the set was done I was transferred to the prop and puppet departments,

Sam Sandwich’s bathroom shelves. I cut up some fabric and made some tiny towels and wash clothes. This is the mock up for most of the items that will be placed and glued on to the shelf .
Final mock-up for shelves plus tiny towel rack.
Seat belt buckles for puppet safety.
Replication of pirate helm for smaller ship model.
Making of Sam and Salad Lad’s eyelids.
A set of finished arms ready for silicon casting.
Numerous Sam Sandwich bread faces.